Sunday, 15 July 2007

Sunday afternoons!

I always seem to find Sunday afternoons a bit of nonentity. It is 5pm and I am beginning to wonder what to do next...of course, there are always things to do, but I don't necessarily want to do them right this very minute! (right now though, I am chatting to Mum online and she just called me a thing!! As in "I forget other things" when she gets busy online and forgets to do things, including talk to me!!)

The only thing that I particularly want to do tonight is watch "The Great British Village Show" as I think that it is rather amusing. The people that enter such things get so very competitive and feel that everyone else is out to sabotage them! The judges are also worth watching as they can be very picky and make the funniest comments - "drops of burnished gold" was what someone called a plate of shallots! Although I must concede that a lot of hard work does go into the creation of the exhibits, some of the knitting looks fabulous and the cakes are quite imaginative!

Anyway, I am busy at work this week; well, not physically at work as I am in Bristol on Tuesday morning for a Map of Medicine workshop and then on Wednesday I am at Gloucester for an AGW Library Managers meeting. AGW being Avon, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire, which relates to the area that us Librarians manage. I don't quite recall how the rest of the week pans out, except that I have my PDP meeting on Monday afternoon - this is all to do with personal and professional development at work - will let you know how that goes!!

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Miki said...

"The Great British Village Show" ...
I came across that by accident on TV last night. What a strangely entertaining piece of television! I couldn’t help wondering though why people spend SOOOOO long decorating those cakes. Yes they look impressive (the seaside scene which won first prize looked amazing) … but surely cakes are for eating! Why spend all that time on something that will be wolfed down in 5 minutes?
And how do those ‘longest carrots’ count as carrots? Surely they’re just long pieces of string :o) hehe