Saturday, 14 July 2007

The Cotswolds Show

(Arggghhhh - this blogging business is driving me crackers!! The photos are now all at the bottom of the story as they were messing about with the text!)

Now that I have finally uploaded the software for my new camera, I can tell you about the Cotswolds Show in Cirencester that Mum, Dad and I went to because it has pictures to go along with the story!

It was a good show, I would certainly recommend it to anyone. I could have stayed longer and made sure that I saw everything, but we had spent long enough there! We were certainly very lucky with the weather, it was overcast and we have a little rain (Mum and I ducked into a marquee just in time!), but overall, it was warm and occasionally sunny!

Which was fortunate as I think that poor weather would have prevented the parachutists from jumping. Before the jumpers jumped (!) the plane dropped two pieces of crepe paper, which looked very odd until you realised that they were there to gauge wind speed and direction - of course, there is just no point in having people jump out and miss the main display field altogether!!

Anyway, one had a particularly large (or should that be small!?) parachute and came in very very fast indeed, the others took a little more time, but I think that they all hit the spot! One had a flag trailing behind him as you can see from the photo!

But before that, we saw "The White Helmets" - a group of motorcyclists that were just crazy!! They jumped over people, went through flames, missed each other at great speed and did all kinds of silly things like that! The photo below shows you that they also balanced on top of each other and drove around the field!!

There was one (not in the photo) that had a black-billed helmet - this meant that he was the last person to fall off his motorbike!! Obviously, the thing to do is not to fall off, but to pass on the black-bill for someone else to wear! It was all very exhilarating anyhow!

We spent time looking round the marquees and managed to be very restrained when it came to spending money! We saw a 15 day old foal - very cute; a man using a very old fashioned treadle to turn and cut wood into goblets - very impressive; the winner of the "dog with the waggiest tail" - very waggy!!

Although we all got home and ended up looking like this (see the last photo), I would certain go again! (And this time remembering to put suncream on as I underestimated the strength of the sun and got a bit pink!) By the way, the little magazine basket that you see on the floor next to Dad was bought at the show!

Now where did I put that flagpole!!?

Pyramid of White Helmet Crazy People

Dad about ten minutes after we got home! :-)

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