Tuesday, 10 July 2007

My very first post!

Hello and welcome to my blog! I cannot claim to be witty, interesting or even well-versed in any particular subject, but at least you can find out what I have been doing or thinking lately!!

This will be more fun than email cos I can upload photos and things like that (annnnd you can make comments!!) - just keep checking back to see what mischief I have been up to! ;-)

However, you may have to bear with me while I get to grips with my very first (and probably only) blog as I am still trying to find my way around this, so things may change, get deleted, added or whatever I fancy!!


turlettesyndrome said...

Impressive - like the background paper. Good way to stay in touch.

Mum said...

I like your choice of display. I will be checking this out daily. Looking forward to seeing photos and how your blog develops!

Peter said...

Good to see you online Sam....look forward to reading the coming chapters!!

Love from all in Dubai.