Sunday, 15 July 2007


Phoebe, as you can see, is my cat! She drives me nuts in the morning with her gentle pestering to get up and feed her! She walks all over me, pokes me with her paw and generally makes it quite difficult to hit the snooze button!

So, of course, when she decides not to do that and leave me in peace, because she has her own thing to do, I start to worry that she is ill or has been run over in the night - which still comes to the same thing - I am wide awake! Naturally, Phoebe is just fine, just not hungry right now thank you.

I don't know where she is right now, but I am pretty sure that she is on top of her cat thing! For the uninitiated, this is a cat activity centre (which does sound rather silly when put into words) that has scratching posts, dangly things and wide area at the top for her to sit and look out of the window at her domain!

Anyway, I think that she is a sweetie even if she has the knack of occasionally winding me up!!

1 comment:

Miki said...

She looks SOOOO CUTE
Can't wait to meet her next month :o)