Thursday, 26 November 2009


It would appear that today is Thanksgiving over in the States!  (As if I could possibly have failed to realise it after reading all those blogs giving thanks or telling us what they are going to eat!)  Anyway it is, of course, an apppropriate time to say thanks.....
  • for antibiotics!!  I went to the dentist the other day and it turns out that the newly filled tooth is fine, but I have developed an infection in the injection site!! (the trouble is that mouths are generally not very clean places) So now I am on two lots of antibiotics and two lots of painkillers - I must surely rattle!! Still, I am thankful to whomever invented antibiotics as I will now be on the mend.

  • for subtitles as it means that I can watch the television without having to guess what's going on (I really don't like it when a programme doesn't have subtitles as I do feel quite unable to watch it)

  • for the new friends that I have made on my recent Alpha course!

  • for my job that allows me to buy my craft things!!

  • for my family - I love you all so much!!
What are you thankful for?

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Lazy Days

This Sunday has been a particularly lazy one!  While the tooth appears to be getting better (she says tentatively), I am still feeling all irritable and so have spent today in my pajamas and dressing gown!!  Not the most productive of Sundays although I did manage to clean up the cat's litter tray (it needed it!)

Sometimes though, a day a in pajamas is just what is needed - no obligations, jobs, visitors or anything. Anything of importance can go hang, time is better spent on the sofa in front of the telly with the cat on the lap and the laptop precariously balanced on the knees!  I have spent the day rummaging blogs, chatting with Mum on facebook (and beating Mum at scrabble - but only just!); not to mention making endless cups of tea with the ocassional pill to keep the pain away - Nur0fen seems to work best, but I can only take one more today so I am saving that for just before I go to bed.

So, I refuse to feel any guilt for having an idle day as sometimes we all need one!

Friday, 20 November 2009

Toothy update!

Well, it has been a couple of days since I went to the instrument of torture otherwise known as the dental chair!

Naturally it wasn't an entirely pleasant experience, but I had enough anaesthetic to numb the jaw right the way up to the ear - it is quite a weird feeling to have a hearing aid in a numb ear!  The dentist did her best to clear out the decay and she said that she would put some medication in the tooth before filling it up.

Unfortunately the pain has not yet gone away - if anything - I would say that it has gotten worse!  I suppose I was somewhat naive in thinking that as soon as the anaesthetic had worn off I would be entirely painfree.  But on thinking about it, it makes sense that the nerve would be tender and sore after the drilling and poking around!!

In addition to which, the dentist said that the decay was rather close the nerve and so the nerve itself may be damaged and so if the tooth is still ultra sensitive (aka painful!) in about a months time then I may need a root canal. So I am really rather hoping that this pain is just a result of the "surgery" and not anything else.  In any case, I am popping paracet@mol and ibupr0fen (safely of course!) and it seems to take the edge off.  (I hate those funny symbols in the medical words but I have already had a spammer and I think that this is one way to prevent them from  finding us!)

Monday, 16 November 2009

Stupid Tooth!!

For about a week now I have had a painful tooth and it is bugging the heck out of me!!  Actually, I should be honest and say that it is nothing like a proper toothache as I understand that those are quite utterly unbearable.  Nevertheless, this tooth is achey enough to be a real nuisance and for once I am actually looking forward to the visit to the dentist on Wednesday cos then that means the pain will go away!!

I do wonder how on earth people managed without dentists all those years ago!!?  Yes someone would have eventually volunteered to extract the troublesome teeth, but the sufferers must have put up with a great deal of pain that just could not be managed effectively.  That really does boggle the mind, especially when my pain isn't really that bad - just a constant irritation that doesn't go away unless I manage to successful distract myself (or medicate!!)

So, I just sit here and feel very sorry for myself!!!  Tonight though, I managed to distract myself by going to the first night of a local craft club - read more about that over at my other blog!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


No matter how old you get, birthdays are always good fun!! I certainly had good fun this weekend as I turned *cough* years old!

It was a weekend of fun and laughter as we walked through the woods, played bananagrams, tickled the kids, ate the cake I made – yes, I had to make my own birthday cake!! But it was very nice even if I say so myself.

If there was one moment that really revealed what year it was it was this one…


…yes that’s four laptops and one iphone you can see there! (even if you can only just about see my laptop!) In fact, it got rather funny at one point when Mum, Matt and I were messaging each other to say go and make a pot of tea!! We eventually all jumped up when one of us agreed to make the tea, the other to clear the coffee table and the other to dig out the bananagrams! A far cry from the old family birthday photos of cheesy grins and dorky jumpers!! ;-)

Saturday, 7 November 2009


Just what is it about life that gets in the way of things!!! I wasn't blogging because I wasn't doing very much and now I am not blogging because I am now doing too much and cannot find the time to sit down and compose a few lines or two!! (of course I am never too busy to do a bit of blog hopping or rummaging around facebook though ;-) )

Anyway, after a busy week I am now at my parents house where I am celebrating another birthday (am 21 again of course!).

Yesterday was great cos I had the day off work and so had coffee with an old school friend that I hadn't seen for years and then in the evening I went to the pub with another friend that I have known since I was about six but we just don't get to see each other very often. It was so nice to catch up on the news and just generally chit chat!!

Will get back to blogging as soon as the weekend is over cos I will be busy talking to family and playing with my nephew and niece!! Have a good weekend everybody!