Sunday, 29 July 2007

The Great British Village Show

Well, the final, held at Highgrove, of the Great British Village Show was just shown on BBC 1. It was a tribute to middle England (and Wales, Scotland and Ireland!) and it's gardeners, bakers and jam-makers!!

I was pleased to see that the runner bean section was won by the only female entrant of that section! Go girl go!

The decorated cakes looked marvellous, although the judges seemed to have trouble figuring out where the actual cake was in one exhibit - it was all icing and very little cake! But still, the detail on those cakes is quite incredible, they must take hours to make - all those little carrots or cakes or faces (aptly the theme for the cakes was 'the great british village show'), I don't think that I could have the patience to create something like that.

The tomatoes, shallots, and carrots were perfection of course. The oversize marrows and pumpkins were simply enormous. The surprise of the show was that one of the exhibits in the longest carrot section actually became the World Record. The oddest thing about the longest carrot is that they include the root system, which to me is quite wrong! Anyway, if that is what they say the longest carrot is, then who am I to argue!?

In all - a very British Village Show!!! I love those things - everyone is very competitive and yet still showing the spirit of their local village.

By the way - Happy Birthday Ben!!

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