Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Locked out!

Whoops! I managed to lock myself out yesterday - I was running late for work and simply unlocked the door, let the cat out and followed her out, pulling the door closed behind me.....

.....of course, as soon as I shut the door, I realised that the keys were the other side of the door, still in the keyhole! As I was already late for work, there wasn't much I could do except go to work and hope that I could sort it out from there.

Fortunately, a friend of mine (who feeds Phoebe when I am away) has a spare key, so she went to see if she could get in. The short answer is that it wasn't easy as my keys the other side of the door was preventing her key from turning. Obviously at this point, I was beginning to wonder if I should call a locksmith or even the Fire Brigade.

In the end, Lucy managed to retrieve my keys for me - I simply bought a huge box of Thorntons Chocolates and gave them to Lucy when I went to pick the keys up later that evening! I really could not have thanked her enough for all she did!

Of course, I now have a spare backdoor key hidden somewhere safe (not at home of course, as that would be silly!!) So if it should happen again, I can at least climb over a fence, instead of calling in favours from various people!!

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