Friday, 20 July 2007

splish, splash, splosh

Summer is turning out to be a strange one this year - it is raining quite hard at the moment and there are weather warnings up and down the country. As my doorstep is level with the pavement I am just glad that the local council installed larger storm drains last year!!

Still, if it rains all weekend, then I wont feel quite so guilty about spending most of my time curled up on my outsize armchair with the last Harry Potter book! No, I haven't actually pre-ordered it, but you can be sure that I will be buying as soon as I can tomorrow; not that I am staying up until midnight to buy it - I can wait a few hours longer!! ;-)

I saw HP and the Order of the Phoenix at the cinema last Friday. It is not often that I go to the cinema because of the lack of subtitles, but as I had read the book I was fairly confident that I would understand the film! The scary thing is that I had to turn my hearing aids down in the cinema, it was that loud!!! Anyway...I quite enjoyed the film, but as ever, the film couldn't possibly due justice to the book, I don't know of a book/film pairing where the film was better than the book!

By the way - Happy Birthday to Marielle!!!


Andy said...

Oh, I'll bet there are lots of examples - the "Bourne" trilogy is a great example. Rubbish books (imo), great films. Of course, I haven't seen the third film yet, so I might have to eat my words, but so far....

miki said...

What about the first installment of Harry Potter? I liked the book, but thought the film was actually better - less childish and more gripping.
As for the others in that series though ... so far the books win.