Friday, 27 July 2007

funny quote

I came across this today:

Everyone wants to help Save The Earth,
but nobody wants to help Mom do the dishes.
-Tom McMahon

I giggled! Who doesn't remember whining at the breakfast table as soon as Mum asked for 'volunteers' to help do the washing up! It must be a rite of passsage for all children, although I must say that it has got to be going out of vogue now that more and more people have dishwashers (the mechanical variety rather than the human ;-) )

Other childhood rites of passage include tidying bedrooms (what's wrong with a bit of a mess, it's character-building!), sleeping until the crack of noon, racing home to watch Grange Hill (showing my age here!), and being able to walk home from school on your own.

Today's milestones will be quite different I am sure - probably something like - being the first to get that x-box game, or the first one with a mobile phone, and of course, whining about loading the dishwasher!!

1 comment:

Miki said...

I STILL have to tidy my room!!! Rich is always telling me off for being messy.
I think Mum is secretly paying him to be a nag :o)