Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Gift of the gab!

Some people very naturally have the gift of the gab (or pen or keyboard or whatever your preferred medium is!) and I just wish I did.

Matt has just started a blog of his own (even though he doesn't do blogs! ;-) ) and I am absolutely positive that even if he has nothing to say, he will be extremely eloquent in saying so! For those who want to read it is splogbomb.blogspot.com , mind you there isn't actually anything in it at the moment as it is brand-spanking new!!

I am envious of blogs like Caffeinated Librarian or Anna Abroad, as they are created by people that simply seem able to create interesting blogs and I am hoping that with practice via my own blog, I will get a little better! Of course, it is only my opinion that the above blog is interesting; not everyone will like the same style of writing or subject content. But then isn't that the whole point of blogging, that somewhere out there there will be a blog that you find interesting while at the same time there are others that you couldn't bear to read!! (one person's blog is another person's Ikea manual!)

1 comment:

Matthew said...

Ah crap. I write more than you! I'm such a hypocrite.