Friday, 27 July 2007

OUCH dammit!

why oh why do us females do this to ourselves! I have just had my upper lip waxed!!!

As my youngest brother will tell you, I have a tendency to have a downy upper lip and it drives me mad! So, every now and comes off! I tried doing it myself once, but just couldn't get the knack of pulling hard enough to surprise myself so that I didn't go easy on myself!! (did that make sense, it did to me?!)

So, as I can't manage it myself, I pay someone else to perform excrutiating torture on me! I swear, my eyes now water even before I climb on the couch and subject myself to this. I am never ever getting anything more sensitive waxed! Believe you me.

Did you know that some men are getting themselves waxed now? Not the upper lip of course, as I can't imagine them doing that, but some beauticians (handsome-ticians?!?) could probably tell you a lot about a procedure that they nickname, "back, sack and crack" and I am saying no more about that one!


Lorrie said...

never mind 'ouch dammit' .....more like AAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH.

Matthew said...

FINALLY! Your moustache has been driving me crazy! ;-)

Andy said...

Er... "because you're an eejit"? ;-)

And please - we don't need to know about stuff that some beauticians are referring to.

At all.