Monday, 23 July 2007

Monday morning

Well, you'd hardly think that we had such trouble getting home on Friday night - all the flood waters around here seem to have receded! The whole town was pretty much gridlocked on Friday - after about an hour of going nowhere, I gave up and went to see if Ann would give me a place to hide for a few hours!!

Fortunately, Ann was at home and so I spent some time there, before trying again at about 8:30pm, and this time, it was plain sailing (pun intended!!) - the motorway was still heavy with traffic, so I simply went through town without encountering any problems at all!

I do feel sorry for those elsewhere in the country though, and to think that, according to the Housing Minister, it is likely that more new houses will be built on known floodplains - this is simply idiotic, I cannot believe that anyone with any ounce of sense would even think about building more houses in such areas. The reasoning is that flood plains can be built on if good defences are provided, but with more and more land being covered with concrete, tarmac and other building materials, then there is less and less run-off land for the water to escape to. The water all has to go somewhere!

Surely, there are still plenty of brownfield sites available, but no, it seems as though we will be hearing tales of woe up and down the country again and again. Still, I count myself fortunate that I was able to arrive home on Friday to a dry house!

By the way - Happy Birthday to Josh!!

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