Friday, 12 October 2007

Robert Jordan

Oh my god! This is what comes of hunting for interesting blogs!

I have just come across some information that tells me that Robert Jordan died on the 16th September 2007, he was only 58 and died from complications with amyloidosis. That in itself is sad enough and I know that he will be missed.

But....for those of you that don't know....he is the man that wrote the series The Wheel of Time. I, of course, have those books sitting on my bookshelf and I thoroughly enjoy them. far as I know, he hadn't finished the series when he died. I believe that he was working on the very last book, which promised to be a whopper as he was expecting to tie up all the strands of the stories and other loose ends in the series.

This is a major crisis for all those fans out there!! Neverthess, I understand that he left lots of notes, tapes and instructions ad infinitum for his wife and editors, so although the book may not have Jordan's 'voice', I hope that we will all be able read and enjoy the end of that series (and get some closure, because the series is already too long!!).

Rest in Peace James Oliver Rigney Jr AKA Robert Jordan.

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