Monday, 1 October 2007

Australia fun stuff!

I have been having fun with google maps!! I can make my own maps, so now I am about to make you all quite green and show you where I am going!

I hope that it works as I have been playing around with it and I am not entirely sure how it will end up!! Also - it takes a few seconds to load, so before you think that it hasn't worked - be patient!! If you want to find out more, you simply click on the blue balloons and see what I have written!! Good fun eh?! (Incidentally, it actually appears to work slightly better if you open the map by clicking "view larger map" so that you can actually see everything!)

Of course, I am hoping that when I get back from Australia, I can make another map that will include a bit more detail about what I actually did!!

View Larger Map


Matthew said...

Yes, that post-trip map will just have a squiggley line ALL over it plotting where you got lost when you arrived to everywhere you tried to find but couldn't, to how you escaped the prison colony of Australia by Stealth Submerging Fishing Pirate Trawler...
It's going to be fun!

ADHD Librarian said...

you're flying almost directly over Alice Springs without stopping in?

Fair enough, there is a hell of a lot of country to cover and it is damn scary for those of you who think Aberdeen to Nottingham is a long drive.