Thursday, 18 October 2007

Bicycle helmets

I don't quite know why, but bicycle helmets always seem faintly amusing to me! There is something silly about the way they look, perched on top of someone's head!!

Of course, I fully appreciate they are there to protect your head and not necessarily to make you look good!

However, if I thought that they were merely amusing, it was really quite funny to see one this evening - on top of a big bloke in army fatigues and backpack!! It made me smile!

But that's not the only amusing thing I often see on campus, occassionally I even see blokes in kilts cycle past!! Now where would they put their bicycle clips?!? Although I have never seen it happen, I have a vision in my head of one of these kilted cyclists demurely holding their kilt down whilst furiously pedalling along!

And that's not the only thing - the campus is so big that bikes are used to get about, which makes sense, but that means that I see the oddest things - people cycling along using mobile phones, people cycling along holding up umbrellas!! (to be fair, it was raining quite hard that evening, but what happens if a gust catches them!!! Perhaps that is the point, to use sailpower to get them going!)

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