Thursday, 11 October 2007

Amazonian shoes

Since when did Amazon start selling shoes!! It's getting a bit ridiculous I think - it used to be that Amazon sold books and that was it! Now I think that they sell all manner of things from books to DVDs to toys to jewellery to shoes - although do you think that anyone would ever buy this particular pair of shoes!?!?

In any case, the point of shoe shops is so that you can try on as many as you need to before settling on the perfect pair - you can't do that if you buy online (of course, you could always wind up the assistants by trying on lots of shoes and then going home to buy them cheaper online!) as you would have to buy them, wait for the post (depending on the strike!), try them on and then if they don't quite fit or you don't really like them after all, you have to send them back!! What a palaver - I don't think that I will be doing that.

Still, I suppose that is the wonder of the internet - you can find or buy just about anything!! I just don't know what I would do without it!! I booked all of my Australian holiday online and now I am driving myself mad by reading anything I can get my hands/mouse on! There is no doubt about it - I love the internet, even if I wouldn't buy certain things that way.

Anyway - Happy Birthday to Sarah!

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Anonymous said...

Sam - the things you find on the internet!!! I am continually amazed (and impressed!). The beauty of you going on your 'Australia Trip' is that I really feel that I am going with you (which is great because I have never been there!). Enjoy your weekend ... x