Wednesday, 31 October 2007


Why on earth do people like to be scared silly!!? The Times published a list of most scary movie moments, of course, this is a very subjective exercise as we all find different things frightening.

But that takes me back to my original point - why watch something that is going to give you nightmares!? A few years ago, I watched Event Horizon and I actually had to pause the video twice, if not three times, in order to regain my equilibrium - it was horrifying. Not in an obvious way as some of those slasher films are, but in a far more subtle way - plays on your imagination and the thought of "what's round the corner"!

These days, I just wont watch a horror/scary/slasher type film as I just can't handle it, and if that makes me a wimp so what!! The interesting thing is that I quite like ghost or supernatural stories - if I am ever on holiday somewhere I will try and find a book about local ghosts.

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miki said...

Best horror film ever - The Ring!SO scary!!! But as you've sworn off horror films I guess you didn't want to know that!