Friday, 12 October 2007


I happened to read about an online survey about blogs (carried out by a librarian surveying blogging librarians!) - you can read about it here - I think that it makes for quite interesting reading.

But the reason why I am talking about this is because there is a little statistic that shows that some people read more than 200 (yes two hundred) blogs - whether by actually visiting them or just having the rss feed I don't recall. However, that little fact made me stagger - do people actually read all those, more to the point is how the heck do they find the time to do so!!

I read about 8-10 blogs and that is via my rss feeds page on pageflakes, so I only read them when there is something new, otherwise I would be forever checking the blogs to see if someone has written something interesting!

If I think about it though, I do think that there is the potential for me to read umpteen blogs, perhaps I just haven't found the ones that I want to read about yet!! That raises another question though - how do people find all those blogs!!

I tend to find mine through links on other blogs or through places like "blogs of note" on blogger, perhaps one will get mentioned in the media or something, so I go and have a look. Mind you, I have to remember that this is not an overnight collection of blogs - I bet some of those "more than 200 blogs" people have built up those collections over a few months, if not years!!

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