Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Bridge to.....nowhere!?

I drive down the motorway every day to get to work - not far - only between two junctions, and go under (and over!) several bridges!

Recently they (the ubiquitous they!) have been replacing pedestrian bridges over this motorway, which is all well and good as it stops people from feeling that they might plummet onto the motorway as they walk over.

But...there is one that was being worked on in the last few months or so and as I drove past each day it was quite interesting to see the progress being made.

However, and it is quite a big however, the workmen all packed up one day, took their tools away, took the cones away and generally left it all looking clean and tidy and.....didn't finish the job!!!

The bridge goes north over the motorway, but as soon as you attempt to climb down on the northern find that you can't! There is no off slope or ramp or steps or anything like that! Which is quite bemusing, I wonder if they are waiting for a part or something silly like that.

Having done a bit of research however, I have discovered that the plan is to extend the bridge to go over a new road in a proposed development that is apparently under construction. Now, if you live around here you will already know that this development is a contentious one with people complaining about it, so perhaps they can't finish the bridge because the new development proposals are still in the political arena.

In any case, it looks very daft to see a bridge that clearly goes....nowhere!!!

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Matthew said...

Considering the ammount of work that they need to do elsewhere in the country, and the number of unfinished projects, you'd think that MAYBE they could please NOT BOTHER building the bridge until they know they've got planning permission for the rest of the project. Otherwise, it's like spending time and money developing and printing a cover for a book that might never get written, let alone published!