Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Dark forces!

We currently have a dead computer in the library! Not an uncommon occurrence here, but I have been communicating with the IT chap by email and asking him how on earth a system registry file can just go missing and whether someone can actually delete that by mistake and he replied with a great quote that I just had to share with you...

the registry is protected from users so it can only become
corrupt by other faults, blips, gremlins and dark forces
that haunt libraries

What a great quote, and eminently suitable for tomorrow's Halloween!

Sadly, I am forced to agree with him as it does sometimes seem as though we are haunted by the ghosts of former disgruntled computers! They seem determined to throw obstacles in our path! It drives us all mad and naturally as library staff we are the first port of call for anyone using our computers, which does make sense except that our knowledge can only go so far as we are not techies! ;-)

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