Friday, 5 October 2007


I have just spent the day in Chichester with some of my family watching my youngest brother graduate!! He looked very good in his gown and mortar board, and we are all very proud of him of course.

The ceremony was relatively short and Matt got a cheer from his mates when he went up to collect his degree (AND a prize for his creative writing). Lots of photos were taken afterwards of course, although my camera batteries decided to run out!! (My fault for not recharging them, or at least remembering to carry some spares!).

Chichester itself is a lovely little town near the West Sussex coast, there are lots of great little shops, including my personal favourite - Montezuma's - a lovely chocolate shop that I just cannot resist every time I am in town! Anyway, we had lunch in Wests, a converted church near the cathedral and just generally had a very nice time (although my feet were killing me by the time we got home! My trousers were lonnng ones and required that I wear heels!)

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