Sunday, 21 October 2007


Have just spent the weekend with Mum and Dad down in Dartmoor! The traffic down on Friday was horrendous, but the journey back today was quite good!

The weekend was lovely - will post pictures when I get a chance! The weather was lovely (bit wet and misty the first day though) and the B&B was just gorgeous - I highly recommend the Beechwood B&B in Postbridge, right in the heart of Dartmoor. They could not have been nicer people (plus two cats!) and they looked after us very well indeed.

As you might imagine, we did quite a lot of walking, which the dog enjoyed of course! We did a nine mile round trip on Saturday and the dog got very muddy indeed. The funniest thing on the walk was that we went past a farm that happened to have some turkeys in a pen near the road and Mum decided to call out "gobble-gobble" to the turkeys - and they responded!!! Mum did it again, and they were even more vocal the second time - it was so funny - I have discovered that Mum speaks Turkish!! ;-)

At the end of that day we collapsed in a heap back at the B&B and fortunately, Mum had the foresight to book an evening meal at the B&B so that we didn't have to looking for our supper. We had a simple sausage and mash accompanied by some rather unusual ciders - Dad had the normal scrumpy, Mum had pear cider and I had cranberry and apple cider which was a bit sweet, but very nice.

As Sunday dawned really bright and clear we decided to walk back up the first Tor that we did on the Saturday so that we could have a better view as it was a bit misty the first time we climbed up! The dog got another nice run about, I think that she was a bit surprised to be out walking again!

After that we wandered over to Dartmeet and walked along the river a bit before going on to Princetown and visiting the prison museum - very informative and interesting, just a bit eye-opening as to what prisoners will do in order to create a weapon or escape route! There were some weapons made out of bits of glass or plastic attached to wood or some other handle with lots of string or cloth, all very ingenious but rather dangerous!

By then it was time for me to think about going home, so we went back to the B&B (Mum and Dad are staying until Tuesday) for a cream tea before I jumped in the car and headed home in order to get a good night's sleep before going back to work on Monday - it's a big day for me, but I'll explain why tomorrow!

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