Friday, 19 October 2007


By now many of you cannot have escaped the fact that I am going to AUSTRALIA in March - yay! ;-)

I decided that I would need some new luggage as all I have at the moment are suitcases that are still good, but they don't have suitable wheels or pull-ability! So, I found a cracking deal on the Debenhams website and have ordered two red Tripp cases, one for the bulk of my luggage and one for my hand luggage. (They arrive in about five days!)

While that is very nice, that is not actually the point of this post. The point is....last night I came across the fact that you can get your luggage sent ahead of you, now, I knew that you could do this if you were moving abroad and simply had to send everything ahead of yourself.

But did you know that you could do this with ordinary luggage, or things like that ski/surf/golf equipment that you just didn't fancy carrying around the airport! So, I had a quick look to see whether it would be worth sending my luggage ahead to Sydney so that I could walk off the 'plane relatively faster than anyone else (would still have to go through all entrance checks and everything!).

Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather!!!! I can indeed send my luggage ahead to Sydney - at the cost of.....wait for it.......£300-odd pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, that very quickly put paid to that idea, I will simply buy a book at the cheap price of £5.99 (or whatever!) and entertain myself whilst waiting in the queue!

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