Wednesday, 17 October 2007

quotation "marks"!

Courtesy of Bloggers of Note I have just come across a rather funny blog about quotation marks in the wrong place, of course that could be the "wrong" place!

So, what do people actually mean when they put quotation marks around things, the blog I read above suggests that when using quote marks people don't actually mean what they say (or at least they shouldn't mean what they say!).

It must be a bit of a minefield when you use them unintentionally or you do actually mean to say something intelligent and/or sarcastic, but no-one reads it in the way you intended!!

Unfortunately, my brothers will tell you that I have the opposite problem - I tend to state the obvious, which must be a bit annoying for those on the receiving end, but I simply don't seem able to help it!! I can't actually think of an example right now, but I am sure that one of those aforementioned brothers will give you all an example via the comments page!

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