Tuesday, 20 May 2008


It's a lovely bright and slightly chilly morning and I am back!! I went for a week three C25K run and it felt good - a bit tough after not running for a week, but with the sun shining on my face it felt great to be outside, if a bit breathless!!

I also changed my routine slightly to include a warm up and stretch from the Davina DVD, hopefully this will reduce any aches and pains like the one that stopped me running just over a week ago. I did have a tingle in that self-same calf this morning, but kept running and it soon went away - just under use I suppose!!

But yay - I am so pleased to be back in the running groove! I hope to do a bit of catching up in the running stakes so that I am not too far behind when it comes to the virtual 5k!

By the way, I now have a new mantra - "the only way you'll succeed is to keep going" (courtesy of Michelle as guest poster at 5minutesformom), this mantra is perfect for many areas of my life - running, losing weight, procrastination, tidyness, and so on!!


Sarah Markley said...

Hi Sam, thanks for visiting my blog! Very cool that you run. I love running and I try to get out in the mornings, especially now that it is getting light earlier. I like the mantra...perfect.

I need to use that to organize my clutter. =)

Christie O. said...

that IS cool mantra -- i was thinking that the other day when i read that. so perfect for running, too. glad you're back on the horse!