Wednesday, 21 May 2008


I spoke too soon!! Went for a run this morning and at first all went well and then towards the end of the run my left calf started to hurt again. I kept going as it wasn't too bad, but has now been problematic all day - it's fine when I'm not moving around, and not so bad when I walk, but when I go up or down stairs or move a bit fast it is quite painful!

Fortunately I work somewhere where I have access to a physiotherapist!! So, I emailed the physio and asked her for some advice and she was pretty much able to diagnose me there and then. As it turns out, I have been doing the right stretches, but have been missing out a crucial one!

It would seem that most people are unaware that as well as the main calf muscle there is another one called the soleus and it is this one that I have not been stretching! Due to the nature and position of the pain, the physio has been able to say with some degree of certainty that I have small tears of the soleus and need to work on stretching the muscle as it is the "scar" of the tear that is contracting the muscle and making it painful!

Anyway - nuts! is all I can think at the moment, still I now have some specific exercises to do to strengthen and stretch the muscle and I shall see how I get on, but it is unlikely that I will run again for a few days which is so irritating and I have to keep an eye on getting back into it because, as I have said before, I know myself well enough that if I don't get back into it soon I just wont do it again!

Still, I'd rather be patient and work on the exercises rather than push on and then be forced to rest for much longer, buthopefully this is a problem that I can resolve and then get running again (awaiting the next injury to come along!!) ;- )

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