Monday, 19 May 2008


Can someone tell me why it takes far less time to break a habit than it does to create one!!?

I had given myself a week of rest from running after that leg pain I had a week ago and fully intended to get back to it this morning....and did I?

Ummm, "no" would be the short answer!! It was too easy to snuggle up in bed and pull the covers over my head! I will try again tomorrow and I really really don't want to let myself down in this as the pounds are slowly but surely coming off and I feel so much better for it - I walk better, I sleep better, I feel better - stronger, fitter, more capable.

Of course, it is an excellent side benefit that I am now able to fit into clothes that were too tight for me, including a lovely purple t-shirt that I never wore before! However, the lack of exercise at the moment means that I am hovering around the same weigh point and nothing is moving!

What I need to do is get to the point where my day feels funny if I don't get some exercise in, where it become such a habit that I don't think anything of it and it is simply just another thing to do automatically like brush my teeth after breakfast!! There must be a million quotes and sayings that say something like "nothing worth doing is easy", so I need to find myself a personal mantra that I can dredge up to get myself moving! Does anyone have a personal motivator, that one phrase that reminds you of what you are doing and why? Do share!

In any case, I have signed up for weelittleme's virtual 5k race, so I had better get cracking!

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Christie O. said...

ooooh! yes!! just read my post today about motivation (i had a little "drill sergeant" thing going today). it's awesome that you've done well so far! seriously! and it is way too easy for me to break the workout cycle too. but you're not too far off yet! just get back up on the horse! start by just getting out of bed. then put on your workout clothes. after that you will just look silly if you don't actually go! haha just make sure you don't beat yourself up for missing a couple days. no big whoop!