Wednesday, 14 May 2008

smoking fingers!

Had a bit of fun the other day and discovered that....

95 words

I always thought that I was fast but I didn't think that I was that fast!! I have to say though that this test is merely typing out a series of utterly unrelated words, I would have thought that a 'proper' test would use correct sentences and stuff like that. Oh well, I still type 95 words per minute!!

P.S. am also testing out the new blogger advance post capability - am actually writing this on the 12th May, but have post-dated this so that it appears sometime in the future! (wont be near a computer at all on Wednesday 14th May so that is a good day for a post to appear!)

1 comment:

Alice Teh said...

I did a test in Facebook and the results was - I can't really remember - maybe 60 words. You're super fast!