Sunday, 11 May 2008

Thoughts to ponder

I am quite aware that my blog is a bit shallow at times, I mean...just writing about what I do or see or take photos of isn't going to be very revealing is it!? So I think that it is about time that I did a bit more thinking about things like my youngest brother who ponders everything!

So......I have just started reading Christian Women Online and they have a new feature in the form of a weekly meme via their internet devotions page, although strictly speaking I wouldn't call it a meme, but nevertheless it should give me a few things to ponder on each week.

And this weeks thought? What is the greatest lesson you learned from your mother or a mum-like figure in your life?

Clearly this is tied-in with Mothers Day over in America as today is the American celebration of Mother's Day - the British day was back in March when I was in Australia and I am horrified to think that I can't actually remember whether I left a card with Dad or not!

Anyway - the greatest lesson learned from Mum? This is a tough one because, as I am sure it is with most mothers, she had (still has!) many lessons to give me! However, I think that the main thing that I have learnt from Mum is determination or perhaps that should be persistence!

Let me explain, after bringing up the four of us (which takes a lot of persistence I am sure!), Mum went back to work and established a whole new career for herself as a teacher of severely disabled children which in itself takes a lot of persistence and determination as she helps those children find a way to communicate their needs instead of taking out their frustration on everybody (you should see the bite marks on Mum sometimes!).

I know that I could not work with such disabled children myself, but I love talking to Mum about her "kids" and I love seeing Mum get all excited about a seemingly small yet huge step forward that one of them has taken. What I never forget though is the sheer determination that this takes on Mum's part as it is never just a case of demonstrating what to do, but going through the same small step over and over and over again until the child makes that link and then begins to do it for themselves.

It never takes days either, but months to achieve and understanding in the child's mind that this particular picture card means something and that if they hand it over without prompting then they can have it. These children are extremely autistic or very severely disabled and lack the means to communicate verbally, so any way they can communicate is such a huge leap and must be so profoundly rewarding for Mum, but not without persistence and determination.

I am sure Mum wont mind me saying this, but she has also shown me determination in getting healthy. Mum has lost over two stone in this last year without being silly and going all crazy about dieting and calorie counting but simply by eating sensibly and doing more exercise. This, I know, takes determination especially when Mum is like me and likes her chocolate too much! Mum has shown me that it is possible to lose weight sensibly and with determination, which is why I am now doing daft things like pulling a muscle whilst out running, but I have to say that I am now eleven pounds lighter than I was and this takes determination, which I am still learning even with Mum's example as Mum has clearly grasped a lesson that I have yet to learn...determination means keep trying, keep going, don't give up! Mum, I love you, but you know that!


Lorrie said...

That is the most wonderful thing that anybody has ever said. Thankyou sam you are truly remarkable. I love you

Julie said...

What a precious tribute to your mother.

I am glad you are joining us at the Internet Cafe.


PS. I am guessing you are not from America as you say Mum, so can I ask where you are from? I currently have a daughter in England.

Denise said...

Such a nice tribute to your mum.