Thursday, 8 May 2008


...Matt and I were just discussing the other day as to how comments on your blog makes it all feel worth while. How you then know that you are not just writing to nobody but that someone is actually reading your rubbish erudite witticisms!

So imagine my surprise when I came across a post all about comments and how comments are bloggy "pay", but at the same time I am not sure I agree with the idea of leaving a comment on every single post I read. I say this because once I find a blog I like I usually end up reading each and every post that then appears in my rss feeds and if I were to comment on all of them....well, I simply wouldn't get any work done and would feel like a blog-stalker!!

But as Matt says, it is just nice to get a comment or two, particularly from people that haven't commented before!! Have you got anything to say?


Literary Feline said...

If I posted a comment for every blog post I read, I wouldn't do much else in the day. :-) Sometimes I just can't think of what to say or I don't have the time. I do agree that comments make me feel like my blogging efforts are worthwhile. When I first started blogging, I never really expected many people to visit and hardly anyone did. I now have regular visitors and every single comment, regardless of how many or few have come before, makes me smile inside and out (except for the occasional spam message which earns a frown).

Christie O. said...

i love comments too, i can't help myself! i like the new look too -- i am new here so i thought i was in the wrong place at first. haha!

Julie said...

I have to agree with you. The comments do help you see that you are not alone out there in blogworld.
For me it blesses me when I know that God has spoken through me. The longing of my heart is to His voice of encouragement. When I get a comment that says someone was encouraged, a longing is fulfilled.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and your sweet comments. You said you were in Wiltshire. My daughter is in Cuckfield in West Sussex. She is at the Holmsted YWAM base.

Blessings on your day,