Friday, 9 May 2008


As manager of the library I rarely get to open the daily post anymore, so I missed the excitement of opening a letter from the Director of Workforce and Education (fancy name for Human Resources!).

You have to understand that this was no ordinary letter as it said that the library team had been nominated for and won the hospital's Special Achievement Award (Team Category) for 2008 - woohoo!

There is a presentation followed by buffet lunch on the 23rd May so I am rounding up the team for that day as we don't all work at 11am on Fridays and it would be nice for all of us to be there. Of course, Trish is off on holiday - swanning about Italy - so she can't be there, but I am determined to get everybody else in the expected photograph!

We are now all quite curious as to who nominated us and why, if only because we don't see or job as being any more valuable or praise-worthy as anyone else in the hospital. Don't get me wrong, it is lovely to be given this award, but we don't work in order to get plaudits, we work because we need to get paid!

Ha ha, no lets be serious now - we work in the library because it gives us satisfaction when students carry away piles of books, when there are people studying quietly in the library - there is one on a computer, one on a laptop and one reading a journal article right now. We work where we do because it gives us satisfaction to find that journal article that is oh-so elusive but needed desperately (i.e. yesterday!), to carry out searches for information in order to help someone prepare for their poster presentation in Belgium!

And yet, and is rather nice to think that someone thought so highly of us that they nominated us! So, thank you!

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