Wednesday, 7 May 2008


As you can see.....I have changed the style of this blog! As much as I liked the old format, it was so narrow it was bugging me and according to the research I have done I had chosen a template that was more tricky to widen than most, which is just typical really!

This lighthouse one I also quite like - it's wider and there are more distinct breaks between the stuff in the left hand column. In any case, it's good to ring the changes sometimes - get me out of a rut!

Anyway...on to other stuff! Had a bit of a lie-in this morning as it wasn't worth going to work for 08:30am when I was meeting a senior colleague at 9am for coffee at Starbucks (about 25 mins away from work) where we could discuss an upcoming meeting nearby at 10am.

Quite a civilised way to start a day really - with a latte! This latte was followed by a successful meeting albeit with a wobbly start discussing lack of communication between the senior colleague and the even more senior colleague (I just stayed out of it!!) before we got down to the nitty gritty and then we left at 11am on a positive note. (which still means that I have a lot of follow up work to do this coming year!) do you like the change in blog style?

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