Monday, 5 May 2008

Three day weekend

Hooray for three day weekends, I wish every weekend could be a three day one!! Fortunately the next one isn't that far away as the Spring Bank Holiday is only two weeks away.

At the moment I have no plans for the next Bank Holiday weekend, but this weekend just gone....I spent in Cambridge with my nearest and dearest; in fact, I think that it is the first time in simply ages that we have all (Mum, Dad, brothers one, two, and three, sister-in-law, brother two's girlfriend and my nephew and niece) been in the same house together!!

I have to clarify that statement as we didn't actually stay in the same house as it would have just been crazy! Mum, Dad, Matt and I spent the nights in a lovely guest house in Cambridge - the Victoria Guesthouse if you are interested. Ben and Elizabeth were camping (!) in a village nearby and other than Ben suffering hay fever I think that they were quite comfortable!

We had a great time, lots of gifts were exchanged as there had been a few birthdays recently. My nephew, Tom, had a great time with his new cricket set. He's only four so it was a simple plastic set, but nevertheless he had great fun with it over the weekend, especially as he had many bowlers, fielders, and umpires all willing to play!

I also got enticed into having a go on Andy's xbox wireless steering wheel!! It even comes with a pair of pedals for acceleration and braking!! Of course, I was terrible at it, kept crashing and going far far too slowly. Mum was kind enough to use her brand new digital camcorder and so my reactions are now preserved for posterity!! Fortunately I don't have a copy of this, but if I do get it then I just might post it for you all to have a good laugh!! (I certainly caused plenty of hilarity in my audience!)

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