Friday, 2 May 2008


I thought that I was seeing things this morning on the way to work!! I was just driving out of the village and just ahead of me two yellow City-Link courier vans went round the roundabout in opposite directions at the very same time! It was quite strange to see but somehow reminiscent of ballet or some sort of dance!

Then when I got to work I saw two men walking down the road in the same direction on opposite sides of the road, both talking into their mobile phones - a practically perfect mirror image!! I don't know if someone is trying to tell me something!

Anyway - went for my run this morning and got a bit of a stitch towards the end cos I was trying to push it a bit and step it up! It soon went away after walking about 30 seconds so that wasn't too bad.


Alice Teh said...

I hope you have enjoyed your run, Sam! Been thinking about you. :)

Christie O. said...

i was stopping by to tell you about another tea giveaway i am having and saw that you are also doing the Couch to 5K program! Me toooo! I just got back from my run, in fact. I am in I think week 5 and had to do the 20 minute run with no walking for the first time and boy i have to tell you this program works because that run was AWESOME! way better than I thought it would be! So good luck to you! When is your 5k?
Mine is in June!
Stop by sometime to win tea -- and maybe we can root each other on during the runs! (It's part of my slimdown -- I have weekly giveaways for that too if you want to join us!)
I must stop rambling. Sorry!