Thursday, 9 October 2008

Bridge of uselessness!

It almost a year to the day since I wrote a post about the Bridge to Nowhere!

A year later, you'd think that the bridge would have been finished wouldn't you? Well, the photograph in the local paper clearly shows that this is not the case. (said photo has been hijacked for my blog! Thanks to the photographer - if you want to know where it has come from do drop me an email)

Apparently there isn't any money in the kitty to finish the job just yet and the local council claims that it would cost £100,000 to fit temporary steps and they don't want to do that either. So, the bridge will remain half a bridge until work restarts next February. Of course, whether they actually start again in February is another matter!

The local walking association are getting quite annoyed that a public right of way has been blocked for over a year and looks set to be blocked for at least another five months. I don't blame them either as the whole thing is so very pointless. What's the point of doing work that you can't afford to finish!? I can understand removing the old bridge if it was dangerous (and I don't actually know if that was the case), but if you knew that the job would only be half done because of lack of cash, why even tempt people with a lovely looking bridge!!!?

It really does boggle the mind! (still, I hope the money for the bridge isn't in some Icelandic bank!!!)

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Dana said...

Governments are insane. :)