Thursday, 23 October 2008

My Favourite Things

I found this meme at the Reluctant Blogger, who didn't actually tag me for it, but suggested that if anyone fancied doing it they could just run with it!!

So here I am with my favourite things under the following headings....

1. Clothes Shops
This is where I admit that I am not much of a clothes shopper as I can never seem to find the things I like, or if I do, they don't actually suit me once I put them on!! However, I have discovered that there are quite a few things that I like in the Per Una range of Marks and Spencers, and my jeans usually come from Debenhams - not such a great label shopper am I?!

2. Furniture Shops
Furniture? This is an odd question to ask when it comes to favourite things I must say!! I don't think that anyone has ever asked me before what my favourite furniture shop is!! The last time I was even in a furniture shop it was actually to pick up a tin of ginger snaps (yes it was Ikea!!). I do have a bit of a crush on the furniture floor of John Lewis, but I can't afford that!

3. Sweet
I have a bigger sweet tooth than I should!! I like all kinds of chocolate although I prefer the milk chocolate varieties as dark chocolate is too strong and white chocolate not chocolatey enough! My favourite chocolate comes from places like Hotel Chocolat or Montezumas, but I don't get to have chocolate from there very often.

4. City
I tend to change favourite cities every now and then, particularly after I have just visited them, so at the moment Sydney and Melbourne are strong favourites, but I will always have fond memories of Copenhagen as I lived there for a few months about 14 years ago.

5. Drink
Drink? Do you mean the alcohol flavoured ones or any kind of drink? My drink of choice is always tea - I am quite firmly British in that way! I used to have sugar in it, but went cold turkey when I was about 22 and at first it was just horrible, but now I simply cannot drink tea with sugar in it.

6. Music
I don't have a large music collection, but the biggest part of it is Christmas music!! I am still holding off the urge to listen to Christmas music - it can wait until December. I do love the Welsh Male Voice choirs though - those deep voices all singing together is just magic.

7. TV Series
When Ally McBeal was on I was very addicted to it!! More recently it's been the West Wing, but all those new series like Lost, Heroes, or Desperate Housewives? I just can't get into them and am quite simply not interested, and neither do I watch any of the soaps - why watch something in order to depress myself!! ;-)

8. Movies
While I love to read my books over and over, there are very few films that I will watch again and again. It certainly has to be a while since I last saw a particular film before I watch it again. However, if you're talking about films that you might watch at the cinema then I will say the Harry Potter films because I so rarely go the cinema due to the lack of subtitles, but because I know the HP books quite well I look forward to going to the cinema to a HP film!

9. Workout
Workout? What's a workout?! Ha ha. I am not very good at this exercise thingie, but given the choice I would rather use my collection of DVDs to work out to rather than go the gym. I did enjoy the tiny bit of running that I did a few months ago, so perhaps I should try that one again!

10. Pastries
Oooh, usually anything with cinnamon in it, I love those cinnamon whirls. But then again I also love those doughnut twists called yum-yums - the name was certainly no accident! Of course, any pastry with chocolate in it gets a look in too - I told you I had a sweet tooth!

11. Coffee
I am not a big coffee drinker, I like it milky and so I usually have a latte if I have any coffee at all and usually only once a day (if that) and I will treat myself to a Starbucks latte every now and then although I didn't like the eggnog flavoured one that I had last Christmas!

So, there you go - my eleven favourite things. I do have others of course, but these were the only categories I got given!! If you want to do this too, just steal away and let me know what you say so that I can be usual nosy self!


Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for doing the meme. I just love to read other people's answers and see how they are similar or different to me. I think we are a bit similar and a bit different - I'm sure we'd get along.

I was a bit confused by one thing you said though - subtitles - why do you need subtitles? Are you deaf or do you live somewhere that films are in the wrong language? I am confused.

Oh and you should definitely try running again. I'm on a bit of a roll here. I recently started running again and have in the past week convinced two of my Twitter friends to start again. So do give it a go again if you can - you'll be glad you did.

Anonymous said...

oooh the word verification was a bit rude

arselids !!!