Saturday, 18 October 2008


It's quite surprising what gets left behind in the library. We've had the usual jumpers, coats, pens and all the usual detritus that people carry around with them. We've had watches, Ipods, wallets, phones, travel cards and all sorts.

The other day was funny though, someone had obviously been scribbling on some scrap paper whilst attending a seminar, lecture, or some such educationally interesting session and left it in the library for me to find and giggle over.

It said...."this topic is drier than a cream cracker (with no cheese)" still makes me laugh now and makes me wonder who wrote it and just what they were listening to (or reading) to make them feel this way!!

Whoever it was, they obviously felt strongly enough to qualify the dryness of the cracker by explicitly stating that it had no cheese - actually, I must have had Wallace of Wallace and Gromit fame in the library and I missed the opportunity to get an autograph! ;-)

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