Friday, 17 October 2008

It's too soon!

As much as I am a fan of all things Christmas, I do get irritated when mince pies start appearing in the shops round about the end of August, so you might be able to imagine what I thought when I discovered that there is a town in the UK that has put up their Christmas decorations already!!

The BBC website has a nice little clip to watch, and it would appear that the reason is less to do with attracting shoppers to the town and more to do with the fact that the decorations are put up by volunteers who work during the week and can only give their time on Sundays, which means that they actually have less time to install the decorations before the big switch on at the end of November.

Which means that I am a bit torn here as I am pleased to see that there are people willing to give their time for the local community, but how long does it take to put some decorations up!? Surely they had more time than the they thought they had, I mean does it really take two month's worth of Sundays to test and put up all the lights?

I do think that October 15th is far too early for decorations to go up, even if they are not actually turned on until the end of November. Don't you think that the pleasure of seeing the lights will have dimmed (ha ha - pun unintended!) by the time it comes to turn them on as people will have become thoroughly used to seeing them?