Monday, 20 October 2008


I got introduced to a new way of blogging the other day. The Northwest Ladybug mentioned Windows Live Writer and it caught my attention sufficiently enough for me to want to play with it.

So far so good. As the Northwest Ladybug says, it is WYSIWYG blogging, which I find more useful than the compose box of Blogger, particularly as sometimes Blogger publishes posts with extra line breaks or, more annoyingly, no line breaks when I KNOW that I hit return!

Anyway, at the moment, I quite like this, it can be used while offline and can store drafts differently to the way blogger does. I mean, I have yet to figure out whether I am simply missing something, but I have to manage my drafts in Blogger by giving them publish dates ahead of everything else otherwise I loose them and then forget that I even had a draft in progress. WLW looks as though I will be able to keep a folder of drafts and manage them that way.

So far so good, on the basis of a few minutes usage, I would recommend this, but I need rather more experimentation in order to be totally confident that I like this and will continue to use it.

Uh-Oh. It looks as though you can't publish a post-dated post directly from WLW, but I can upload it as a draft and then edit it further online - it just takes a bit of playing around to discover what I can and can't do. Hmmmm, today clearly isn't Monday, so I don't quite know what happened there. Like I said, I need to play with this a bit more, but I do think that once I've gotten the hang of it, I will be using WLW more, particularly for drafts.

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Lori said...

Great tip! I'll have to check out WLW too.