Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Secret Ornament Swap!

Some people come up with the best ideas!! And this one is perfect for a Christmas-aholic like me! MsCellania had a post all about an idea that Julie had over at Abbilyeverafter.

To wit - last year Julie had this idea of getting people involved in a secret Christmas ornament swap and she had thirtyeight swappers involved. Of course, it would have been thirtynine if I'd known about last year, but that's beside the point!

She's brave enough to offer up her time to arrange the same event this year and this time I know all about it!! So, I have signed up to send a newly-purchased ornament to someone that doesn't know what she'll (let's face it, I doubt that any men would sign up to this!) be getting in the way of Christmas ornaments.

The ornaments have to be in the post by the 1st December so it gives me a perfect excuse to do a bit of early shopping for Christmas decorations. (one can never have too many!!). The deadline for signing up to get a mystery ornament is the 31st October, so if you fancy having a new ornament this year, go visit Abbilyeverafter and read the instructions!

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