Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Inappropriate music!!?

Exactly when is it possible to start listening to Christmas music? I had a craving to put some Christmas music on in the car this morning, probably due to the Christmas jigsaw puzzle I am currently working one, not to mention the Christmas quilt that I have started.

I caved in and put a CD in, except that I didn't play it as loud as I might have wished. After all, someone might hear me and think that I am barmy for playing Christmas music over two months early. I think that I will have to let that one little indiscretion go and keep a lid on this particular craving, if only because it is very likely that by the time December does roll around I will be so fed up with Christmas music that I wont want to hear a single note!

So, no more! I will wait until December unless I crack again!! As it is I think that is crazy to see Christmas items like mince pies in the stores, quite frankly it is no wonder we all get rather fed up with it when December 25th finally dawns. Clearly there is a plan to build and build all that excitement (and then ramp it up again!) so that the children are hyper-frenetic and the teachers can't wait to get rid of them at the end of term.

I will just quietly anticipate Christmas, mind you - I say that now...goodness knows what I will be like on the 1st December! Interestingly, last December was when I had the highest number of blog posts ever and I am betting that this year will be the same. ;-)


Alice Teh said...

Sam, there's absolutely nothing wrong! I think I want to start playing some Christmas songs too.

Mrs. Spit said...

Christmas is my favourite season!

jen said...

Methinks it's too early until December 24th! :P

Lorrie said...

NEVER too early for Christmas Sam. As long as you are at home, that is!
mwah xxxx

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Hi, I came over from your comment at Big Mama's because you mentioned listening to Christmas music already! I just had to meet that person!