Monday, 2 June 2008

Sword Dancing

Are you British? Sword Dancing in the UK needs your help! If you are not British do read this post in order to marvel at the close-mindedness of the British Government! (although you wont be able to help by signing the petition as only Brits can sign!)

Annnnyway - the issue is that the Government are about to introduce a Violent Crimes Reduction Bill which, amongst other things, will prohibit the sale or use of swords. I have no argument with the Bill itself as we have a problem with violent crime and need to do something about it. However, because Sword Dancing is not currently recognised as a historical re-enactment or sporting activity this means that those dancers are not exempt from the above bill with regard the use and purchase of swords.

Traditional folklore dance are forms of art that have great historical and cultural significance, indeed, dancers have used sticks and swords as props since the 1700s and probably since before then! I may not be a dancer myself but I have seen these dances and they are quite elegant, particularly the Scottish ones that I am thinking of - all kilts aswirl and pipes playing!

If you are one of those that feels that we are losing too many of our traditions as it is, please do sign the online petition to include sword dancing as an exemption to the Bill. And do let people know about this so that they too can sign the petition before the closing date of the 25th June 2008.


Tanya said...

Hmmm... seems a little odd. I can't recall ever hearing of an incident where a sword wielding perpetrator was responsible.

Maybe when all other avenues are gone... like kitchen knives... there will be an explosion in sales of swords. After all, they are SO easy to conceal.

Tony Kennick said...

I think this is a missunderstanding:

Kim L said...

well i can't help since I'm not british, but that is pretty weird. Anyhow, thanks for stopping by bold. blue. adventure. I've been enjoying browsing your blog.

Sam said...

Tony - thank you for pointing this out to me, I did attempt to find out some more information before posting to my blog and did come across some correspondance (copied to a forum) on this issue which seemed to suggest that the Govt has indeed overlooked this particular issue.

I totally agree with you that we should not detract from the more vital issues, but at the same time, I am quite prepared to support something like this (should it be correct) as I do feel that often legislation is brought in in such a hurry that the consequences are overlooked.

I would certainly like to know more and am more than happy to be corrected! The original information came to me from my Aunt who is a dancer (not necessarily sword dancing!) and seemed genuine.

Jendeis said...

What a shame that they didn't think to include an exemption. Gotta agree with Tanya, I don't remember any recent burglaries done at swordpoint.

fatfighter said...

Wow - I can't believe it would apply to Sword Dancing. What a shame.