Tuesday, 24 June 2008


I had an invitation to join the girls from work and go bowling on Saturday! This wasn't just any old bowling centre though, this was the "Skytanker" arcade at the American air force base about half an hour away.

The trouble was that this meant giving names and car registrations a few days ahead and making sure that we turned up with photo identification (like a passport or driving licence) and then showing said identification to a guy with a serious looking gun!! All this before we can knock down a few pins!

Anyway, I managed to get onto the base without too much hassle and then proceeded to be either quite hopeless or quite good with my bowling as I just don't seem to have a medium setting when it comes to aiming that ten pound ball!! Unfortunately I didn't win the honorary trophy - a skittle that lives in the office next door and has all the last winning names on it from the last two years (it's becoming an annual event!), but neither did I win the wooden spoon! ;-)

The other funny thing about going bowling on an American base is that you can pay for your food in sterling, but you'll get dollars and cents back!! I now have about 15 cents floating about my purse at the moment and I really must take them out before I give them to someone and have them think that I am trying to fiddle them!!

It was good fun though, I really must go bowling more often!


Katie said...

Sounds fun! I suck at real bowling, but for some reason I'm an ace on Wii bowling, I can get strike after strike where as with the real game I just get gutter ball after gutter ball!

Wishing 4 One said...

Yeah for bowling! I haven't bowled in years.

Funny that at the US base you pay in sterling but got back dollars, like being in an airport isn't it?

Oh i love your cat too, sooo cute! Have you seen my Flora, or Florenzo I should say?