Saturday, 28 June 2008

Childhood game

Thanks to the Rich Gifts blog I discovered an online version of one of my favourite childhood games, I don't know if it ever had a name, but it was a good travelling game. All it involved was pencil and paper, and you had to set up the game first by drawing lots of dots on the paper all in several lines both vertically and horizontally and then you had to use the dots in order to create little boxes! You have to take it in turns with your opponent and whoever gets to close a box wins the box and naturally the person with most boxes wins!! Have fun!!

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Kim said...

I love this game - we called it boxes! Thanks for the comment. I don't see why it cannot be shipped to UK. I know they have shipped to Canada before. I will have my site with the full catalogs hopefully up and running late next week sometime! I will post when it gets up!

Edie said...

Well hello Sam! How kind of you to give me this little plug. :)
You did say that you enjoyed this game. Ha ha, I guess you meant it. Glad to be able to help. :) Have fun! - (Edie from Rich Gifts)