Monday, 9 June 2008

Showing and Telling

I am a bit late with Show and Tell this week as I didn't want to post on Sunday when I already had a Sunday post in place! (I have enough trouble finding things to say throughout the week that I didn't want to post twice in one day!!!)

See this photo?

It represents the millions of elastic bands that we seem to get through in the library. We must have made up a goodly number of those rubber band balls (they bounce very well too!) in the last few years. And before you start wondering, no we don't now have a collection of rubber band balls!! Every now and then when they get too big for their holding place, we pass them to the postwoman so that she can use them again.

The postwoman is the person that keeps giving us these elastic bands all wrapped around our daily post of little envelopes, new journals, old journals, book parcels from other libraries and other bits and pieces. So, we do at least recycle the bands, but it does make me many rubber bands can an organisation get through, not to mention paperclips, post-it notes, staples and, of course, paper!? We do our best in the library, but it does seem that the paperless office, much touted about a decade or so ago, is just never going to happen - we like paper too much!


Dreams Come True said...

It's good that you give them back to the post office. The library I go to uses theirs to hold together video tapes and cd's that people borrow.

I think the concept of a paperless office is a good one, but I, too, don't think it'll ever happen, truly.. anywhere. We do love our paper! :D


PJ said...

Thanks for stopping by!!! The paperless office...what a joke. It was supposed to happen..but now everyone also wants hard copy backup (paper) because things can be electronically altered or lost so easily!!! Aaaah!! Such a good idea.

Thanks for dropping by (NCLM)

DC said...

I've always wanted a big fat rubberband ball. I just never had the patience. :)

Alice Teh said...

I get lots of fat rubber bands like the ones you show in the office too. I'll probably return them to the admin department one of these days...