Thursday, 12 June 2008

Another Random Thought Bubble

Hmmm, my last Random Thought Bubble (hereafter known as RTB!) was on a Thursday too - it looks as though Thursdays are going to be my tricky days as they are too far away from last weekend and too close to the next for me to have done anything interesting!!
  • This Thursday is actually an extra-special Thursday because I am not working tomorrow, so today is actually Friday aka The Start of the Weekend! I would not normally have the day off tomorrow, but my car is going in for a timing-belt change and it was just too much hassle to sort out travel to work (how on earth do people commute by bus every day - it takes tooo long!) so I decided to have a long weekend and take the day off - yay! Of course, I have no car so I can't go anywhere useful or nice, but I can enjoy some me-time at home!

  • I am shortly buying myself a new laptop!! Woohoo - cause for extreme excitement! Did you realise just how difficult it is to choose a laptop? All those combinations and prices and colours and and and...well, it really fried my brain! I looked at umpteen reviews online and lurked on various forums to see what I could find and I think that I shall be getting myself a Dell Inspiron 1525 (the red one of course!). It's about time too - my desktop computer is really rather old and although it boots up rather nicely, when it comes to having more than two (or even one!) application running the whole thing just grinds to a horrible crawl; I decided that it really was the end last weekend when I found myself reading a book while I was waiting for the next webpage to load!!

  • Some people are just amazing - see the New York Times for the incredible story of an architect who left a treasure hunt in his clients' new home. Where do people like this get the imagination (not to mention time) to do things like this! The photographs attached to the article are also impressive and show the fine detail accorded to this fantastic treasure hunt, do go and have a look.

  • Did I tell you that I had to rescue a bird the other day!? It seems that my cat is a bit of a hunter! I woke up and started to go downstairs for breakfast when I realised that Phoebe was being particularly attentive to the underneath of the table at the end of the bed. I just assumed that it was a spider and went to have a look, instead there was a little bird sitting there all a-quiver (with a couple of missing feathers!). So I grabbed Phoebe and shut her in the lounge downstairs before getting a tea towel, moving the clothes and table and all the other bits in my bedroom, wrapping the bird up and then carrying it outside (after remembering to put my dressing gown on!) and leaving it underneath a nearby bush. When I went to work about an hour later, it had gone, so I hope that it had recovered from the trauma and had flown off (I certainly can't bear to think that another cat had it instead!) There are certainly much easier ways to start the morning!
And that's it for this particular RTB! I am almost certain that I will have more next week!


Alice Teh said...

That's very nice of you to rescue the bird, Sam! Do keep us posted on the laptop purchase. :D

Katie said...

Wow, that apartment is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Paranoid said...

Congrats on the new laptop! I hope it's nice and fast.

And, just for you, I did a post on how I managed to get fired from Express. Enjoy!

Hecticmom Undone said...

When I was about 14 years old, my cat brought a live bird into the house one night (it was winter - and I still can't figure out why there was a bird around - must have just been a really stupid bird that missed the train to the south.)

Anyway, my mom is deathly afraid of birds. She ran outside in her bathrobe and slippers in absolute freezing temperatures and refused to come back inside. I had to bring out her a coat and boots. I tried to get the bird but it was flying all over the place. Finally my brother came home and we were able to trap it in a curtain and ripped the curtain down and took it outside.

Funny memory - I couldn't stop laughing at my mom and she was just screaming at me telling me to get the damn bird out of the hosue. It still makes me laugh.

Literary Feline said...

My new laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1525. I didn't have a choice in the color of design, but I do like it quite a bit.

I am so glad you got to the bird in time! I noticed my dog was having fun with the birds today in the yard. I think they were teasing him. :-)