Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Really make sure you save it!

After yesterday's post on saving your work, I didn't expect to be writing about another potential catastrophe today! Fortunately all ended up well, but you'll never guess what happened!?

The library was being hoovered by the cleaner and was looking all nice and clean when she unplugged the hoover and caused screams to ring out in the library! It seems that she was just a little too careless in switching off the plug at the wall and managed to switch off both plugs.

Which, actually seems rather a risky design fault - wouldn't it be better to design a socket that has the two switches on opposite sides of the plate from each other - surely that would stop us from switching off the freezer, computer, whatever vital piece of equipment we have, by mistake.

Anyway, we all jumped when that poor girl on the computer screamed (luckily it wasn't the same girl I was talking about yesterday, I think that she'd have committed murder if it was!) and as I saw the cleaner walking away from that area, I knew exactly what had happened and dashed over to see if anything could be done.

Fortunately this girl had been saving her stuff on her memory stick and so when we turned the computer back on, she merely had to do a little bit again rather than the whole thing. (The cleaner wasn't even sorry as I don't think that she realised what she had done because I don't think that she uses computers much, if at all!)

But good grief....whatever next!!!

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Ronda's Rants said...

Oh my goodness..I am so impressed...all the comments! son knew exactly what he was doing...thanks for the encouragement!!! I ran one and half minutes today! Tee Hee!

Rachel said...

I love how you put the links up to the blogs you've commented on. That is so cool. :) I'm struggling just to make it around and comment!

In any case, ah, I can relate to sudden power outages when working on the computer. At my university, years ago obviously, they had power issues. The power would just go off. I lost many a document, even though I did try to save often. The worst was when I was working with something that didn't have auto-save. I remember yelling so loud, the entire computer lab probably thought I was on fire. lol

Alice Teh said...

I'll go berserk if that happens to me. Imagine trying to catch a deadline and things happened... *fainted*

I save my work as I go. I have this habit of "Ctrl S"-ing every few seconds. I'm that paranoid, I know.

Hecticmom Undone said...

Oh - I had that happen to me when I was in college.

We had to write up a paper on a computer program we wrote. I had just finished the program after 14-almost-sleepless nights. It was 6:30 in the morning - I hadn't slept in like 36 hours or something. The program and paper were due at 8am. I JUST finished the paper, hit save (to the harddrive - there was no USB back in that time), went to print it out (thinking I could get an hour of sleep! Yay!) and the computer died. And it was dead-dead. As a doornail. The harddrive totally fried. I lost the entire paper. THANKFULLY the computer program was saved off on a networked fileserver somewhere (it was UNIX while the paper was in word before there were MS shares - damn I'm old.)

Anyway, I re-wrote the paper. It is always easier to write the paper a second time. I finished 15 minutes before class started. Turned that sucker in. Then sat in class and started hallucinating from lack of sleep. *LAUGH*

This is ONE memory I have of college that will always be with me.

Hecticmom Undone said...
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Echloe said...

How frustrating that the cleaner wasn't even sorry. Geeze! Also I would have screamed in that situation too. I'm one of those people who forgets to save documents as I'm going along.