Sunday, 30 November 2008

More Christmas Cards

If you read my last post about Christmas Cards, you may know that I am taking part in a craft fair on Tuesday and so I have made what feels like hundreds of cards. Definitely a hundred cos I have made just over a hundred!! As much as I love card making it does get a bit wearying if you're trying to meet a deadline, but I am pleased with what I have done so far.

Here are the two boxes full of cards....


And, with apologies for the very poor photographs as I have yet to work out how to take card photos properly, particularly when they have been sealed in plastic bags, here is a selection of the cards that I have made.


With a close up...!





I hope to be able to tell you all on Tuesday evening how the craft fair went - I do hope to sell at least ONE card!! Anyway, a real make-and-take show and and tell that one I think!! If you want to see more Show and Tells then go and ask the teacher and she may be kind enough to let you see what other people have brought to the classroom!


Malky B. said...

Nice cards!

Pamela Jeanne said...

Excellent work...! I admire people who have the talent and patience to create. Good luck with the craft fair.

Cassandra said...

A couple of hints about photographing your cards:

Try not to use the flash. If you can position the card such that it gets light from a nearby lamp, but not at an angle that will cause glare, there should still be enough light without getting the reflection off the plastic.

Are you using the macro mode of your camera? On my camera, it's a little button with a flower. It allows the camera to focus on items that are very close up. Otherwise, my camera won't focus in these types of shots at all.

Good luck at the fair! Hope you sell every last one.

Lori said...

You have some beautiful cards. I bet you sell a LOT more than one.

Kristin said...

They are lovely. Great job.

WiseGuy said...

Don't worry, you will sell a lot more than what you are projecting in your post. Second, you can use up these cards for sending it to family and friends. That will be a wonderful gesture! All the best!

Alice Teh said...

Beautiful cards, Sam! I wish you all the best at the fair. I'm sure you'll fantabulously well! :D

jen said...

well done you!