Monday, 17 November 2008


We're just over half way through NaBloPoMo and I am a bit stumped for what to write about today, so I think that I will go with one of my random thought bubbles!

  • The Christmas decorations in the shops this year seem to be totally rubbish, and as I am taking part in the Ornament Swap this year, I was getting a bit worried about what I was going to buy to send to my recipient. Fortunately I remembered that there is a Christmas Shop in a village about fifteen miles away from me, so I went and had a look and found something!!

  • I have decided to join in with the new craft fair at work this year, which is going to be hosted on the 2nd December and so I have a bunch of greeting cards to make, although I expect that most of them will be Christmas cards. I am just having trouble deciding how much to charge! I don't want to overcharge and not sell any, but neither do I want to undervalue them and make a loss - how the heck do craftspeople decide how much to charge?

  • Tomorrow I am attending a regional library meeting and I really don't want to go!! There are about 20-30 people that usually attend and I avoid going to the meetings that happen quarterly because I don't always follow what's going on and I don't actually think that the meetings achieve anything. But if I don't want to get known as the librarian that never attends meeting, then I should go and show my face!!

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Hecticmom Undone said...

I'm in denial about Christmas. It's just not coming - LALALALALA!!!!

Ornaments already? Yikes!