Saturday, 22 November 2008

Mystery Tour

Did you know that it was possible to take a mystery tour in your own home town!?

I did one today when I wanted to drive across town from one craft shop to another and due to various reasons I don't normally visit them both on the same day and so I didn't know how to drive directly from one to the other.

I could have beetled down the motorway or driven up and around town, but why do that when there must be an easier way across town ? Well, needless to say I saw parts of town I had never seen before and I am quite positive that I still managed to take the longer route rather than the short! I kind of aimed the car in more or less the right direction and hoped that I got there.

I had no idea quite where I would pop out but I hoped that it would be close to the craft shop. As it was I ended up coming out on the bypass exit just above the one needed for the shop, so it was just a matter of driving down the road and turning off again.

It was certainly all very interesting and I was never worried about getting totally lost! How could you possibly get utterly lost in your own town anyway?!?

P.S. My laptop is behaving itself beautifully today, so yesterday must have been a momentary aberration or at least I hope it was!!

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Seriously? - Erin said...

I can relate, I have lived here for two years and I still get confused about some roads and how they meet up...

My DH laughs when I get confused...

Rachel said...

I have actually managed to get lost in my own town... but I was walking. I got REALLY lost, and could not figure out WHY I could not find my way back to the main street. I kept asking people, and finally, figured out where I was... and yeah, found my way home.

But in the car, that would be less traumatic. LOL I mean, you don't get tired if you drive around the same block three times. ;-)

(Here from ICLW)

K said...

I can relate I just moved to a new town and if it was noty for my gps I would be lost all the time.

nh said...
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nh said...

I was saying today (to my husband) that I can get anywhere from home, but ask me to get somewhere from the middle of the city and I panic. I have to always work from home!

Andrea said...

I know the feeling. nce in awhile I'll use my GPS in my own town if I want to find a better route to get somewher. Sad, aren't I?!

Stacie said...

I can relate to this, too. At least I'm not alone!

Here from ICLW

Mrs. Spit said...

I just drove through a new area of town, that used to be farmer's field.I got confused.